“SHUT THE FUCK UP & GET TO WORK” – me to me.

Also me to me: “You can get the biggest Chanel bag in the store if you want it!”

Both of those quotes have A LOT to do with each other. You can buy yourself whatever you want IF and only IF you put that work in. This means no whining, no complaining, and NO EXCUSES!

“Excuses are for people who plan on failing” — Me to Me (I love telling myself things like this, keeps the blood flowing)
If you plan on being a winner, stop the excuse factory in your head.

Productivity is another key to success much like Preparation. Remaining productive consistently is where it gets tricky for some people. They fall off after a few hours or days and they go right back to step 1… where they’re comfy. 

Reject the comfort zone if you want to grow. No growth happens in the comfort zone.

Everyday that I wake up, I have something I’ve assigned for myself to do. This goes back to mapping out your weeks on Sunday’s. I have everything already mapped out so I know what I need to get done and when it needs to be completed. I’m productive every.. SINGLE.. day. I have goals to reach at work, in business, and in my personal life and they all need to be worked on. 

Ways you can up your productivity throughout your week:

  • Bring a book to work and read/study in your downtime or at lunch.

  • Download books to your phone using DropboxGoogle Drive, or Apple Books, instead of scrolling through social media… read articles.

  • Utilize your Calendar in your phone. Log all meetings, appointments, events, sales, release dates, and due dates (schedule these 48hrs ahead of the time they’re due to give yourself time for changes, etc).

  • Set alarms throughout your day if you have trouble remembering things. This helps with the smaller tasks throughout your day. Example: “Take chicken out of freezer” or “return books to the library” or “Research new car insurance companies”.

  • Make lists for everything. Take advantage of the notes app on your phone. Make lists for the grocery store, supplies needed for projects, things you need to get done while in a certain area (to save on gas). All of this will boost your productivity. How many times have you gone to the grocery store, completely overspent or forgotten something important? How many times have you started a project and realized you don’t have all of the parts/tools needed?  Your time is precious, take the time to research everything BEFORE leaping and save yourself time on the backend.

I STAY PRODUCTIVE. And I maximize all of my time.

Think about all the time you waste doing things that don’t further your progress.

I used to go to smoke sessions with my friends and waste 2-4 hours EVERYDAY just smoking and talking. I realized that that wasn’t benefiting me. I still partake in the trees, I just do it AFTER I finish getting shit done. I don’t sit around smoking for hours either. If I’m smoking, more than likely I’m on my laptop coming up with new content for the site or plotting on new ways to put money in my pocket. If I’m smoking 2-3, know that I made AT LEAST $500 and I learned something that day. Know that I put in work and didn’t waste any time. I set rules for myself. If I’m going to smoke, I have to be productive AND I have to be making at least $500 a day between my day job and my side hustles. Anything lower than that…. I’m deading it.

You have to pick and choose what you will allow to hold you back. I don’t allow my habits to hold me back. I upped my income and set some rules for myself. I also do everything in moderation. I love watching Netflix, Hulu, and HBO. But I don’t allow my time spent watching them to hold me back from my current goals. I also love playing Call of Duty. I still haven’t had a chance to play the new Modern Warfare even though I preordered it because I told myself I need to complete my to do list FIRST before I chill & play video games. Actually, this email completes the list so I will be playing tonight:)

Part of being an adult is pushing yourself to be productive. In school, you had a parent or teacher over your shoulder making sure you got things done. Now it’s up to you. Be that shadow over your own shoulder. You know where you want to be. Work backwards from there and reverse engineer your path to success. JUST DO IT.

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