Preparation is KEY!

Preparation is KEY!

I come to you this Sunday evening to motivate & give you a little boost you for the week. 

Sunday, in my house, is a little more chill than the other days but the work still gets done. I utilize Sundays to prep for the rest of the week. Preparation is key to becoming successful. Without preparation, you go into every situation blind. Whether you are organizing funds for a new investment or gaining knowledge to take a leap into a new lane, preparation is important. I consume knowledge like I do because I’m naturally curious. I also do it because I want to be prepared in any situation. I know a little bit about everything and A LOT about a few subjects. Prepping can be gaining knowledge, stacking money, getting organized, and the list goes on. Prepare yourself for the next level. It makes getting there a little easier.

I always say, “A smartphone is a smart phone for a reason, it’s supposed to make your life easier”. 

A lot of people don’t utilize their devices in a way that can help them. Use your phone to prep you for the week ahead of you. Less is more. You don’t need 100 planners or apps to make your life easier. Find one. Implement it into your daily routine. Then add another as you need them. Start by plotting out your week in Google Calendar. Add everything you need to accomplish into your calendar. Add addresses of places you need to be when you add an appointment. Add assignment deadlines a day ahead of when they’re due…. If something pops up or the assignment requires a little more reading, etc, you have an extra day to get it done (thank me later). You can even go as far as setting recurring events that you already know are coming up. Color code everything so you can easily find your events when you open the app. Orange for school work, Blue for business, Yellow for personal, and the list goes on. Do what works for you. Update it as needed. This will save you a ton of time in life… all you have to do is sit down for an hour or 2 every Sunday and map out your whole week. When you wake up in the morning, after you meditate, look at your calendar for the day and see everything you need to get done down to assignments that need to be turned in and bills that need to be paid. Check a day or 2 ahead and see what’s ahead of you. This will all save you TIME down the line. 

Now imagine starting your week with a mapped out schedule. All you have to do is execute. 

My organized calendar is my best friend. I can’t hustle without it. Getting organized and prepared for the life you desire ahead of you is very important to the journey. Google Calendar isn’t the only Google app that can help you stay organized & prepared for life. When I first got into mobile home investing, I was constantly on the road, driving for dollars. I would map out the neighborhoods I wanted to visit beforehand in Google Maps and set an appointment in my calendar for when I wanted to meet with the park managers. I would then make a Google Sheets document with all the questions I had about the neighborhoods like occupancy rates, amenities, and lot rent. I plotted all of this into the spreadsheet and constantly updated it with new information as I found it. I still use these methods today. Now when I get a call about a mobile home, I already have information and notes on the neighborhood. This speeds up my research and allows me to make a decision quickly before another investor can snag the deal. This is how I was able to snag my first mobile home $8k. STAY PREPARED AND ORGANIZED. It’s almost a sin not to be both. 

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