Preparation Is A Multi-Step Process

Preparation Is A Multi-Step Process

I hope everyone has been productive as fuck these past few weeks.

“If you ain’t working now, you WILL be watching later”  – Me to Me
In my last email, I talked about getting prepared and organized so that you’re ALWAYS ready to execute when an opportunity arises. 

Preparation is a multi-step process. Prepping never ends. 

It’s all about making adjustments along the way and leaving room for adjustments on the way up. Remain rigid in your path BUT leave room for growth. 
If you have a new schedule, stick with it. You’re trying to form a new habit. You might be executing it sloppily, but give yourself time to grow. 

Quitting after a week or two won’t get you anywhere. And starting something new every other month won’t get you anywhere either. 

List out everything you want to do. 
Look at #1 and focus on only #1 for 3 months. Don’t put any energy into anything else for 90 days. Wake up everyday and eat, sleep, and breathe your #1. 

After 3 months, analyze your progress. 

  • ○ How far have you come?
  • ○ How far do you need to go to get where you want to be in that lane? 
  • ○ Are you preparing yourself for success in this lane or are you half-assing it? 
  • ○ What did you do to prepare yourself? 
  • ○ Is this even what you want to do with your time? 

You can learn A LOT about yourself in that 3 month span. A lot of people are going to quit in week 2, maybe sooner. 

If you stuck with it for 3 months consistently, chances are, you might be in it for the long run. 

Be honest with yourself about your progress. If you know you’re still a little overwhelmed, DO NOT add lane #2 into the mix. 

You know you have no business doing that. Don’t even think about it. Figure out how to get better at #1 and automate it.

I don’t want anyone to think I’m saying you can master a lane in 3 months. NO. That takes years. 

I’m saying if you lock in on one thing at a time, you can go further than focusing on many subjects at once. 

Let’s say you want to learn how to code or grow cannabis. There are way too many things you need to learn to understand the game and that takes years. 

Why try and learn everything at once and get nowhere when you can start with 1 and get somewhere? 

Dedicate 4-6 hours a day to learn how to trade options, and after about 3 months, you might have a decent understanding of how everything works. 

The same goes with learning how to code or grow cannabis. 

Stop trying to do everything because it seems that’s what everyone else is doing or talking about doing.

It may seem like I do a lot BUT most of my lanes, I mastered before 2019. 

I can do a lot now because I took the time to focus year after year on 1 thing at a time. 

Every lane I’m progressing in now, I took the time to focus on for years. 

If you want to close consistent wholesale deals and have a profitable wholesale operation, this won’t happen in 3 months. 

Now if you want to close your 1st wholesale deal and you lock in for 3 months, this is very possible. 

Lock the fuck in and put the work in. People who really put in work, SEE RESULTS.

I have never seen someone go hard at something for 90 days consistently, and not make progress. 

Double up on that 90 days and watch your life change and start moving in the direction you want it to move in. 

All these things you want to be, YOU CAN BE.

If you have 3 lanes you want to get into and be successful at, give yourself some years. 

You will not have a million dollar grow operation overnight. 

You will not be a profitable options trader after a few weeks or months on inconsistent trading. 

That is not preparing yourself for success. 

Preparing yourself for success is mapping out your game plan and organizing your goals. 

You prepare yourself by acknowledging the journey ahead of you and preparing yourself for said journey. 

I talked about using Google Calendar in my last email. After you map out your journey and understand where you want/need to be, add significant dates into your calendar. 

This is how you stay organized and on top of things. 

If there is a new certification you want, map out your gameplan: 

  • ○ Write it all out
  • ○ Add your test date to your calendar & work your way back on the timeline
  • ○ Allocate time to study
  • ○ Don’t leave the bulk of the information for the end
  • ○ Evenly distribute it so you are not overwhelmed
  • ○ Remember, one at a time until you’re done with the task.

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