A Lil Heart to Heart

A Lil Heart to Heart


Every day I wake up grateful for everything that I have. EVERY DAY.

I count my blessings daily because I remember going without.

Be grateful every day you wake up in good health. PLEASE.

“It’s a brand new day, get brand new money” – Me to me every morning.

Every day I wake up grateful to take another breath of fresh air. Grateful that I still have an opportunity to go get it. 

Be grateful that you woke up this morning in good health. 

Whatever challenges you are facing right now… are nothing. You can conquer them.

YOU can defeat anyone and anything in front of you. YOU have it in you already.


Never think something is “too hard” or “impossible”. You are training your brain to fail.

Stop with the “defeatist” mindset. 

Cut that negative attitude out because it’s sinking your chances of ever winning in life.

I wake up everyday like I’m Wonder Woman.

No one can tell me that I’m not a 6ft giant even though I’m really 5’2, 120lbs. 

That’s the confidence you have to ooze. 

If you say you’re the best damn barista Starbucks has ever seen, and you walk into work with that mindset EVERY DAY… guess what? Eventually you’ll be in that Starbucks making elite cappuccinos at record speed.

I go into everything like “I’M THE BEST… I’M ELITE. I GOT THIS”.

Even though I know for sure I can always be taught something more, I still keep that attitude because I’m training my brain to be a winner.

Think of the challenges and obstacles ahead of you as lessons that NEED to be learned.

Once you look at them as learning opportunities, you will be eager to overcome them.

This is where GROWTH comes in. 

Go through it. Grow. Rinse. Repeat.

So that new hustle you’ve been thinking about looking into, START NOW. 

Stop pushing things off until tomorrow because tomorrow is NOT promised.

Start working on your family’s legacy TODAY.

Get your finances together TODAY.

Start working out TODAY. 

Your kids will thank you in the future.

Your kid’s kids will thank you.

Health is wealth. Wealth is wealth. You should aim for both.

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